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The Chicago Board of Elections offers a variety of reference materials for candidates and campaigns who are preparing to file to run for elected office, including:

  • Poll sheets that list the voters in specific precincts and voting districts (at the Board's Offices at 69 W. Washington, 6th Floor)
  • Computer terminals for records examination for petition circulators to verify names, addresses, and voting districts of signers (at the Board's Offices at 69 W. Washington, 6th Floor)
  • Maps of precincts, wards, and other voting districts

Candidates must file all campaign finance reports and documents with the Illinois State Board of Elections. Please visit their website by clicking here.

By law, the Chicago Board of Elections cannot provide direction or advice to campaigns on the preparation of petitions and related campaign documents. The Board strongly encourages any and all persons considering a run for public office to consult with an attorney.

Notice of Campaign Resources Available to Candidates at the Chicago Election Board

Calendars and Candidate Guides

2024 Election Calendar
2024 State of Illinois Candidate Guide 
Chicago Elected School Board Candidate Guide

Forms for Candidates and Objectors

Non-Disclosure Form
Subpoena Form 
Subpoena Request Form
Waiver of Service Form - For Candidates
Waiver of Service Form - For Objectors
Appearance Form
Objection Withdrawal Form
Candidate Withdrawal Form
Declaration of Intent to Run as a Write-In Candidate

Historical and Reference Materials for Candidates and Objectors

Index of Electoral Board Decisions - This history of rulings on objection cases is sorted by topic with decisions that were issued by Electoral Boards and the courts. This document is intended to serve as a reference tool for candidates and objectors.

Library of Electoral Board Decisions - This document provides links to every Chicago Electoral Board decision issued since 1980, sorted by year and case number. This document is searchable by the last names of candidates or the lead objectors. (Updated June 2024)

How to Navigate the Petition Objection Process