Election Day Coordinators

Election Coordinator (EC) Description


The online application to serve as an Election Coordinator for the November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election will reopen in late July.

The Election Coordinator is responsible for running the set-up, operation, and closing of the precinct on Election Day. The EC is the Board representative in the polling place, having been extensively trained in all Election Day procedures as well as equipment set-up, operation, and troubleshooting, including Election Day Registration. Each EC is assigned to one of the polling places in the City of Chicago, to work with the appointed Election Judges in the precinct(s) at that polling place.

The EC also can be assigned as a stand-by and may be dispatched in the event an assigned EC is unable to work on Election Day.



  • Must be a United States citizen and either a registered voter in Cook County, Illinois or a college student currently enrolled in a college or university in Cook County, Illinois;
  • Have effective oral and written English language and comprehension skills;
  • Must have expertise in the operation, maintenance and proper usage of a wide range of computer technologies and will be required to adapt this expertise to election processes;
  • Must have a cell phone available for making and receiving calls and text messages on Election Day;
  • Must not be a committeeman, precinct captain, candidate, nor work for them or share the same household with them;
  • Must not be a registered sex offender anywhere in the United States and must not have committed a crime that would require registration as a sex offender in the United States;
  • Complete all required training courses and successfully pass the examination after each class.



The responsibilities of the Election Coordinator include:

  • Pick-up of Election Day materials in the week prior to Election Day with the exact location, dates, and times to be sent to you by email;
  • Make contact with the Election Judges in your assigned precinct before Election Day and assist them in checking the voting equipment the Monday before Election Day;
  • Ensure that the polling place is accessible to voters with disabilities by following an accessibility guideline/check-off list.
  • Serve all day on Election Day from 5:00 am until all work is completed after the polls close, and until Election Judges have secured their materials and are about to leave to deliver those materials to the receiving station;
  • Have extensive knowledge of the Election Day Registration procedures and direct the voter-registration activities on the e-poll book in the precinct;
  • Assist the Election Judges with various aspects of the Election Day processes and procedures including but not limited to setting up voting equipment, setting up voting booths, powering up the voting equipment, etc.;
  • Troubleshoot equipment problems and make minor repairs, such as changing the paper tape rolls;
  • Be available to make and receive calls and text messages between the polling place and Election Central in case of procedural questions, equipment problems or serious malfunctions using your cell phone on Election Day;
  • Monitor consolidation of vote totals from the two balloting systems (ballot scanner and touchscreen) and the transmission of the consolidated data to the Board’s central server;
  • Assist Election Judges with completing polling place closing paperwork;
  • Serve all precincts within a polling place; and,
  • Follow Board instructions to complete all required tasks.


Training description

Election Coordinators are required to successfully complete two in-person training classes and pass all necessary assessments in order to be assigned to a polling place location. 



Election Coordinators who complete training, pass related tests, pick-up Election Day materials a week prior to Election Day and then serve successfully on Election Day will be paid $450. Election Coordinators must submit a tax form in order to receive compensation for serving on Election Day.


Contact Information for EC Department

    Attention: EC Department
    Chicago Election Board
    69 W Washington St., Suite 600
    Chicago IL 60602-3006
    [email protected]