About Campaign Signs and Campaign Phone Calls

About Campaign Signs & Automated Calls

At election time, voters often ask questions about campaign signs in their neighborhoods, and about campaign calls that they receive on home or cell phones. Here is some general information on both topics.


Q. Can the Election Board remove campaign signs from public property?

A. The Election Board has jurisdiction only over signage at polling places used on Election Day or during Early Voting, and even then, only inside the polling place itself and in the "campaign-free zone" that extends 100 feet from the entrance to the polling place. Campaign signs are permitted on polling-place properties so long as they are outside the "campaign-free zone." During Early Voting, you may call 312-263-1394 with questions about signage at Early Voting sites. On Election Day, you may call Election Central at 312- 269-7870 with questions about campaign signs at polling places.

You must call 311 with any other questions about campaign signs on other public properties, including boulevards, intersections, vacant lots, bridges, viaducts, etc.


Q. Who can I call about campaign phone calls to my home or cell phone?

A. The campaigns that make the calls have sole responsibility for removing you from their lists. If you are bothered by calls, you may register a complaint with the campaign that is calling. The Election Board has no jurisdiction over campaign calls. Also, campaigns do not have to follow the Federal Trade Commission’s “do-not-call” registry.


Q. Does the Election Board give out phone numbers?

A. No. Campaigns can and do use market-research firms that provide the campaigns with phone numbers that are associated with names and addresses. Online transactions and even something like ordering food delivered to a residence can link your unlisted phone number to your name and address.