Board statement on citizenship, registering to vote and accepted forms of ID under state, federal laws

Statement regarding IDs that may be used for voter registration

Questions have been raised about the use of government-issued IDs, and specifically, the municipal CityKey, in relation to voter registration.


Here are important facts on the use of government IDs and voter registration:

  1. Currently, both the Illinois Election Code and the federal National Voter Registration Act require election authorities to accept all government- issued IDs when citizens register to vote.
  2. The first item on every voter-registration application is a question asking if the applicant is a U.S. citizen. The last item, the affirmation that is signed by the voter, states: “If I have provided false information, then I may be fined, imprisoned, or if I am not a U.S. citizen, deported from or refused entry into the United States.”
  3. By law, non-citizens may NOT register to vote or cast a ballot in any local, state or federal election conducted by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.
  4. By law, registration and voting records are available to and are provided to federal immigration agencies.