Choosing a Political Party Ballot for the March 19th Primary Election

Do I need to register for a Political Party as part of my voter registration?

In Illinois, you do not need to register for a Political Party as part of your voter registration - unless you are currently on the Permanent Vote By Mail Roster.

For the upcoming Presidential Primary on March 19, 2024, you must request a specific party ballot when you go to vote: either in-person, early, or when requesting a Vote By Mail ballot.

When the time comes to select your ballot, you may choose any Political Party you wish. However, you may choose only one party ballot. 

The Political Party ballots available in Chicago for the March 19th Primary Election are: Democratic, Libertarian (Wards 1, 5, 36, and 38 only), Republican, and Non-Partisan (includes only referenda questions).

If you are on the Permanent Vote By Mail Roster and you would like to change your party ballot preference, you can do so by submitting the change on the online Permanent Roster form.       

Do I have to declare a Political Party in order to vote in a Primary Election? 

Under the law in Illinois, voters in a Primary Election only vote on one ballot that lists the candidates for that one Political Party. Voters are free to stick with or switch parties from election to election, and selections in the Primary do not affect how a person may vote in any future elections.

Please note: if you select a 'Non-Partisan' ballot, that ballot will contain no candidates, no offices, and only citywide or local referenda questions based on where you live, if available.

What offices will be on the ballot on March 19, 2024?

Voters will nominate candidates from a Political Party to be elected in the November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election for the following offices: U.S. President; U.S. Representative; Illinois State Senator; Illinois State Representative; Illinois Supreme Court Judge; Illinois Appellate Court Judge; Circuit Court Judge; Subcircuit Judge; Cook County State's Attorney; Cook County Commissioner; Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court; Water Reclamation District Commissioner; and Board of Review Commissioner.

The following offices will be elected on March 19, 2024: Ward Committeeperson; Delegates and Alternate Delegates to National Nominating Convention.