Important Update for 28th Ward Voters

  • All previous votes cast by 28th Ward voters will be properly processed and counted, both for Early Voting and Vote By Mail ballots.


  • 28th Ward voters who have already voted as of Friday, Feb. 17th will not be required to vote again. If you have already voted, either by mail or by Early Voting, you cannot request a new ballot.


  • New Vote By Mail ballots will NOT be sent to voters who have already received a VBM ballot in the 28th Ward.


  • If you would like to instead vote in person, you can take your Vote By Mail ballot to any Early Voting site, or to your assigned precinct polling place or 1 of 51 vote centers on Election Day, turn that ballot into an election official, sign a form, and then you can vote on the spot. 


  • All new Vote By Mail ballots requested by 28th Ward voters will be sent with Shawn A. Walker’s name listed as a candidate for 28th Ward Alderperson.


  • All touchscreen voting machines at all Early Voting sites in the city will now have Shawn A. Walker’s name listed as a candidate for 28th Ward Alderperson.