Proclamation of Final Results for the April 4, 2023 Municipal Run-Off Election in the City of Chicago

CHICAGO, IL - Today, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners met to officially declare and proclaim the results of the April 4, 2023 Municipal Run-Off Election.

The City of Chicago saw 613,795 ballots cast for a 38.67% citywide turnout for 1,587,153 registered voters.

Click here for the Tabulated Statement and Proclamation of Election Results for the  April 4, 2023 Municipal Run-Off Election

This is the most total ballots cast in a Chicago Municipal Election since February 23, 1999, which had 623,755 total ballots cast. The next closest was April 4, 1995 had 620,615 total ballots cast in that election.

  • 244,409 ballots were cast In Precinct on Election Day
  • 21,625 ballots were cast at Vote Centers on Election Day
  • 186,169 ballots were cast by Early Voting before Election Day
  • 161,592 ballots were cast by Vote By Mail
  • 43.34% of people voted on Election Day
  • 30.33% of people Early Voted
  • 26.33% of people Voted By Mail

In the April 2, 2019 Municipal Run-Off Election, there were 526,886 ballots cast for a 33.08% citywide turnout for 1,592,658 voters.

In the April 7, 2015 Municipal Run-Off Election, there were 592,524 ballots cast for a 41.10% citywide turnout for 1,441,637 registered voters.

Media Contact:
Max Bever