Proclamation of Final Results for the February 28, 2023 Municipal Election in the City of Chicago

CHICAGO, IL - Today, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners met to officially declare and proclaim the results of the February 28, 2023 Municipal Election.


This proclamation confirms that 14 Wards will have candidates for Alderperson appear on the ballot for the April 4th Municipal Run-Off Election: 4th Ward, 5th Ward, 6th Ward, 10th Ward, 11th Ward, 21st Ward, 24th Ward, 29th Ward, 30th Ward, 36th Ward, 43rd Ward, 45th Ward, 46th Ward, and 48th Ward.


Click here for the Tabulated Statement and Proclamation of Election Results for the February 28, 2023 Municipal Election


The City of Chicago saw 566,973 ballots cast for a 35.85% citywide turnout for 1,581,564 registered voters.

  • 248,773 ballots were cast In Precinct on Election Day
  • 20,948 ballots were cast at Vote Centers on Election Day
  • 131,806 ballots were cast by Early Voting before Election Day
  • 165,446 ballots were cast by Vote By Mail
  • 23.25% of people Early Voted
  • 29.18% of people Voted By Mail
  • 47.57% of people voted on Election Day


In the Feb 26, 2019 Municipal Election, there were 560,701 ballots cast for a 35.45% citywide turnout for 1,581,755 voters.


In the Feb 24, 2015 Municipal Election, there were 483,700 ballots cast for a 34.03% citywide turnout for 1,421,430 registered voters.


In the Feb 22, 2011 Municipal Election, there were 594,734 ballots cast for a 42.30% citywide turnout for 1,406,037 registered voters.


By Age and Gender vote total and percentages for the February 28, 2023 Municipal Election will be released in the very near future.

Media Contact:
Max Bever