Statement from the Chicago Board of Elections on 5th Ward Vote By Mail Ballots

“The Chicago Board of Elections recently learned that incorrect Vote By Mail ballots were mailed to 5th Ward voters that list Adrienne Irmer as a candidate for Alderperson. Ms. Irmer was removed from the ballot on January 20, 2023 and is not qualified to have her name printed upon the ballot. We sincerely regret this error and apologize for this inconvenience to voters.


This affected 3,936 voters in the 5th Ward, and we have not yet received back any Vote By Mail ballots from these voters. This error did not affect any Early Voting ballots, only Vote By Mail ballots.


We are mailing these voters a new Vote By Mail ballot to use for the upcoming February 28, 2023 Municipal Election. We are sending letters and emails to these 5th Ward voters who received this incorrect ballot alerting them to the issue and their new incoming ballot, as well as communicating their in-person voting options.”