Provisional Ballot Status

Provisional Ballot Status Lookup will be available after March 19, 2024.


What is a Provisional Ballot?

If the judges cannot locate a voter registration record for a person in that precinct, the judges may:

  • Perform a "citywide search" in the Electronic Poll Book to determine if the voter is in a different precinct. If so, the judges will tell you your correct precinct polling place and address; or,
  • Try to verify that the address is in the precinct by looking at the precinct map, precinct outline, poll list or by calling the registration hotline.

Casting a Provisional Ballot in the wrong precinct may result in all or some of the selections on that ballot not being counted. That is why voters should go to the correct polling place when directed.

Reasons for voting a Provisional Ballot include:

  • No registration record found in the precinct;
  • Voter is challenged and the judges uphold the challenge;
  • Voter is required to provide ID but does not have acceptable ID;
  • Voter is listed as having cast a ballot in early voting or through vote by mail, but voter believes that record is in error;
  • Voter is casting a ballot during a court-ordered extension of hours at a polling place.

Provisional ballots are separated from others cast on Election Day.


When is a Provisional Ballot Counted?

After Election Day, Board employees evaluate provisional ballot applications to determine whether the ballot can be released into the count. Also, each provisional voter has seven (7) calendar days after Election Day to submit documents to the Election Board that will show that voter's eligibility to vote in that precinct (photo ID, utility bills, bank statements, etc.)